Why is SEO important?

Little man looking for something - like SEOPut simply, most of us use a search engine (typically Google) when looking for things online.

In fact, around 58m people use the web in the UK. Of these, 80% use search engines to find what they are looking for, and about 95% of us use Google.

That’s over 42m people in the UK.

Only half of them EVER go beyond the 1st page of results and just 10% make it to Page 3 and beyond!

That’s why SEO is important!

Let’s take a at how much it costs to expose your brand to a potential audience of this size?

TV Advertising

A 30 second slot on morning TV starts at £6,500 to reach an audience of a few million, A 30 second evening slot on ITV costs from £60,000 for a weekday show with an audience of just 5m to £200,000 for a slot during the X-Factor. And that’s before you factor in the cost of actually producing your 30 second masterpiece.

Search Engines

Although the majority of us turn to a search engine when we are looking for something only about 50% click on Page 2 of the results and and about 10% make it to page 3 and beyond.

This is why good SEO is important and Page 1 is the goal.

SEO from just £150.00

For those worried by cost, my SEO packages start at just £150.00 (+VAT) per month – now compare that to the cost of TV advertising and you’ll see just what great value effective SEO really is

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