If you don’t have time to read a blog, or want something to listen to “on the go” then my podcasts might be just the thing you are looking for. Snippets of information (and occasionally wisdom) about SEO, Social Media, other forms of digital marketing and some articles about online security.

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

The SEO practitioners who cheat are known as “black hatters” or “unethical” whilst the good guys are “white hats” or ethical.

Which you choose is up to you, however the impact on your business, if you make the wrong choice, could be disastrous. How can you tell which is which?

How clean is your phone?

Twitter Lists, what they are and how you can use them

Twitter’s great, right but your news-feed can move to fast to see what people important to you are saying and this is where Twitter Lists comes in. It saves time, helps you focus and makes you a better communicator. Have a listen to learn more about Twitter Lists and how you can use them

Why you need to keep WordPress up to date.

WordPress, the world’s most popular website builder but you need to keep it up to date – listen to find out why this could be crucial to the survival of your business

Have I been Pwned?

Has your password

Millions of emails and passwords are available to cyber criminals but how do you know whether you are at risk?

How do you know whether they’ve got their hands on your email addresses, passwords and maybe more?

Have a listen to find out

Optimising your Videos for YouTube and Google search

Videos are great, but they’re no good for your business if they can’t be found and this podcast looks at how you can optimise your videos and make them easier to find in YouTube and Google Search


2FA aka Two Factor Authentication or Multi Factor Authentication

Five Security Habits that you should break today

How long does SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] take to have an effect?

How many words should I write for optimum SEO impact?

What information are you legally required to post on your website?

What is the Deep Web and what is the Dark Web?

About WordPress plug-ins