Video Marketing

Which do you prefer, listening to the news on the radio, reading a newspaper or watching TV news?

Millions of people watch TV news because it’s easier than either listening or reading. Listening and reading both require more thought and commitment than television news. This is why video marketing is becoming increasingly popular.

Over 4Bn video clips are watched on YouTube every day. Some of it is entertainment, the internet equivalent of “You’ve been Framed”, but a great deal of it is factual. Informative, educational or marketing focused.

You might even have noticed that video clips are turning up in Google searches these days. Look at these search results for putting tips. There’s always 1 or 2 videos on the first page of the results.

It would be easy to believe that video marketing is expensive, but it’s not.

Most digital cameras can shoot video of a sufficiently high quality to be usable on YouTube. If you don’t have a digital camera, you can use your phone. You could even invest in a digital camcorder, they’re not expensive these days.

Start editing with Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie. They’ll help you to tell the story and ensure that the transitions between shots are nice and smooth.

Live Movie Maker is free and iMovie from Apple is for those of the Mac persuasion. Alternatively, you could use a commercial video editing application. Either way, you can see that getting started is not going to cost an arm and a leg.

Quality comes from planning, preparation, production and imagination/creativity. It does not come from the cost of your equipment. Once you have edited your masterpiece you can upload it to YouTube AND embed it in your site.

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