What is Search Engine Optimisation?

The SEO triangle of Google, Bing and YahooSearch Engine Optimisation, also called SEO, is simply what you do to your website in order to achieve the best possible position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) so that when people are searching for the things you do or sell the search engines can put your website in front of them.

There are 4 key areas for attention

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Content
  3. Off Site SEO
  4. Voice Search

Technical SEO

These are the areas of your website that help the search engines understand what your website is about. Technical SEO is all about understanding how people are searching for your business, the services you provide and the things that you sell. Once you’ve researched the words and phrases that your customers are entering in to their preferred search engine you then add them to your website in the places the search engines explore.


Search Engine OptimisationGoogle is placing more and more emphasis on your content, it’s looking for freshness, originality and quality and looks at words, pictures, video and quantity.

There are numerous websites that will tell you that you should aim for 1,500 words to a page. However, if you set this as your goal then you’ll pad shorter articles with fluff and edit longer articles which may make them harder to understand.

My advice is that content is as long as it has to be to communicate your message. However, it MUST BE well written and presented in a way that’s easy to read –

  • Short opening paragraphs
  • Use short sentences
  • Just one idea/topic per paragraph
  • Use vigorous English
  • Be Positive not negative
  • Be ruthless, only keep the gold

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be scanning your words, checking for readability and Google’s preference is that it’s easily readable by an average 12-13 year old – which is the average reading age in the UK. Websites such as Read-Able and the Hemmingway App will help.

Backlink Building GuyOff-Site SEO

The search engines, and Google in particular, don’t just look at your website when trying to decide the relevance of your site to their users – they tend to look elsewhere on the internet, links that are published on other web sites, recommendations published elsewhere & the way that you appear on social media are just 3 of the external factors taken in to account.

SEO Glossary of Terms

There’s a lot of jargon used in SEO and so I’ve published a glossary of SEO terms that should help.

What’s Next

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